Half human Half animal – Photoshop Tutorial

half human half animal

Photoshop tutorial how to compile Half human Half animal photos

Hello designers! Today we are combine two photos one human, another animal. We will create an awesome unrealistic photo interesting for profile picture. The most important thing before we start to follow below the steps is find appropriate photos with similar color tones. It’s fairly simple and easy to follow for even just beginners!


So before we start let’s take a sneak peak at what we’ll be creating. Looks awesome isn’t it?!

Step 1 “Import human and animal photos”

When you find appropriate photos for this tutorial go to File > Open human photo, then go to File > Place and import animal photo. Select animal photo and change opacity in order to make position eyes between women and animal. See half human half animal image below for better understanding.


half human half animal

Step 2 “Using Brush tools remove details rest of animal photo”

Now select Add Vector Mask in layer section, then select Brush Tool (B) and remove half face of animal photo but before that back opacity to 100 %. If you don’t understanding image below just watch video tutorial on the bottom of this post.

half human half animal

Step 4 “Change hue saturation color of half human half animal”

I will shortly explain you how to change hue saturation. In layer section Create New Adjustments Layer, then select hue/saturation. In hue saturation window we can play around with colors, we can also Add Layer Mask and remove colors from example body or face.

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If you have any question make it blow in comment section!

Video Tutorial