Convert CMYK to Panatone – CMYK to PMS

convert cmyk to panatone

Quickly convert CMYK to PMS in Adobe Illustrator

How to quickly recolor your artwork I will explain in the next steps. CMYK and PMS (Panatone) are standardized colors for print. Using the recolor tools I will show you how to convert CMYK to Panatone. If you intend to print your artwork you have to do CMYK to Panatone conversion. If you participate in competition for logo design or flyers etc. in zilliondesigns, 99designs, odesk, etc. you have to deliver Panatone color. Why is important to convert CMYK to PMS? Because the colors viewed on computer screens and printed to inkjet printers will not match actual colors precisely. All artworks created by Adobe Illustrator can be converted to PMS to make it a real. If you something don’t understand you can watch video tutorial below.

convert cmyk to panatone

Step 1 “Select CMYK object”

Select artwork or object that use CMYK color mode.

Step 2 “Edit Colors”

When you select object go to Edit > Edit Colors, then select Recolor Artwork.

Step 3 “Color Book”

Select on the swatches in the adjustment slider. Click on the “Color Books” and chose PANATONE + Solid Coated.

Convert CMYK to Panatone

Step 4 “Select OK”

Select OK and convert CMYK to Panatone will be finished.

If you have any question or you something don’t understand ask me below in comment section.

Video tutorial how to convert CMYK to Panatone