How to convert and edit your image in Illustrator with Image Trace

Image Trace in illustrator

Easy convert your image in vector graphic with Image Trace

Hello designers! This tutorial will help you how to create fast vector graphic from your image. This tutorial especially will help logo designers who want to convert inspiration artwork into the vector graphic. Also will help artists who draw by hand and use sketchbooks. Through this tutorial I will teach you in only few steps how to do just that with image trace tools. I have record video tutorial for beginners and those who don’t understand this easy tutorial.

Step 1 “Place image”

In the first step create New Document 1280 x 720 and go to  File>Place and find your by hand made artwork “sketch” or your image. I must emphasize when you import image and sketch you will find difference because image has more shades and will not be most beautiful like sketch.

Step 2 “Image Trace”

Select image or sketch you place in New Doument and clikc on Image Trace as shown on screenshot below.

Image Trace convert illustrator

Step 3 “Expand image”

After the Image Trace finish process you can select Expand as shown in image below or go to Object>Expand. Now we get black and white color image and we need to Ungroup this vector selecting right key.

image trace with expand tool in illustrator

 Step 4 “Change color”

If we want change color of vector we need to selec details from layer or from vector. We can also continue adding details like whip, hat  or background, we can use other tools brushes, gradient to redesign artwork that looks better. I think you will learn at least basic thing of how convert your image to vector.

I hope you’ve found some useful tips and tricks in this tutorial! If you have satisfied or if you have some questions for this tutorial you can do it below in comments.

Have fun and never stop creating!