Create Adobe Indesign interactive PDF

Indesign interactive PDF

How to create Adobe Indesign interactive PDF form?


Hello designers! In this tutorial I will show you how to create dynamic PDF interactive slideshow document. You can create interactive form with buttons, links, video, bookmarks, music etc. Today I will show you how to set up document indesign and export to form in Adobe Acrobat.


Indesign Bookmarks

Bookmarks is type of link which help you to easy navigate or jumps to page, text, graphic etc. In adobe reader bookmarks will appear on the right side of Adobe Reader.


You can put video or streaming vide which link lead to Interent.

Hyperlinks, Cross-references etc….


Step 1 “Create Text fields”

Before we start to create text fields we need to change workspace to “Interactive for PDF“.

Text fields indesign


The easy why how to create text field is use Rectangle Tool (M). Make shape with Rectange Tool (M) then select shape and choose Interactive>Convert to Text Field. You can change shape color from none to blue or red different from background. Let’s see how it looks on screenshot below.


Text field  indesign  CS6



Step 3 “How to create button indesign interactive PDF form”

Indesign contains Sample Buttons and Forms on the right side of toolbars as you can see on image below.

Button in interactive PDF


You can also make rectangle with inside text as button. After we make button forms select them and click right key go to Interactive>Convert to Button similary as  we made with text field.


Buttons and Forms

We have to assign Action to button. How we can do it? Just select button and go to Buttons and Forms on the right side of toolbars. If you can’t find it just follow screenshot. First thing which we need to change is Event > On click. Below Event you can see Action sign “+” plus just select and chose action you want. In my case I chose Go To Next Page because I want more fields form to next page.

Buttons and Forms interactive PDF  indesign  CS6


Export Indesign Interactive PDF

In the End of this tutorial we need to export in Interactive PDF. To export interactive PDF go to File>Export and Save as Type Adobe PDF (Interactive).


Export interactive PDF  indesign  CS6


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