Create animate text in after effects intro tutorial

Tutorial how to create animate text in after effects intro tutorial Part 2.

In the previous lesson I have talked about simply steps how to create intro in after effect and it was first tutorial. In todays tutorial Iam going to show you how I create animate text in after effects as part 2 of this tutorial. This is a great tutorial for beginners as there is no additional effects involved.


Step 1 “Create New Composition”

We will start by creating a New Composition of 1280 x 780 size Composition>New Composition.

animate text in after effects


Step 2 “Type animate text in after effects”

Now let’s add text in new composition. Just go to Layer>New>Text and type your text from logo or text you want to appears in this after effect intros. After we type text we need to add Scale in Text options Animate>Scale as shown in image below. We need also add Opacity and Blur in Animator>Add>Opacity.


Scale Animate after effects intro

 Step 3 “Type value for Opacity, Scale and Blur”

Change color of the text befor you start to change value. It’s important to create animate text.  Bellow I will show you value you need to change.

  • Scale form 100 % to 300 %
  • Opacity from 100 % to 10 %
  • Blur 100 %


Step 4 “Offset options”

In step 4 we neet to set up  Grouping Alignment in More Options at value -50% then Anchor Point Grouping set to Line.

Anchor Point Grouping after effects

Step 5 “Time position”

Let’ go down to set up time position. For beginners step 5 is most difficult task, because that I suggest you watch video. First thing you have to do at the firist second is click on the clock  right of Offset and type value 100 % then move vertical red line to third second and change Offset value at -100 % as you can see bellow on picture. If you want to repeat just move vertical red line and change the value for different position. After you do it go to Preview and click play. You can see animate text in affter effects exactly as shown in video.


Offset time after effects intro