Create cool business card | Video Tutorial

Business Card Mockup

People in business are trying to find the way how to achieve maximum marketing strategies in their business.  You need cool business card to effectively advertise your company! Design of business card it’s very important to get new clients, because of high competitions everyone is trying new ways of attracting and keeping attentions of the clients.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Estimated Completion Time: 45 minutes

Number of Steps: 5

Visit card would be creative and recognizable for your company and needn’t be dull or boring. They have to present brand of your company and must be uniquely. Today I will show you how to create cool business card in the most easy way in Illustrator. At the end of this article you can watch video tutorial.


Step 1 “Create rectangle”


In the first step we have to create three different rectangle with three color lines. First blue line “safety lines” will help you to keep text/logo inside this rectangle. Second red line “cutting line” should be bigger then safety line by about 6 mm. Third is a blue bleed line. Black line dimension 96×56, red line 90×50, blue line 84×44. When I create new project I choose size in millimeters you can choose inch 2×3.5 etc.

Business card tutorials standard sizes

Step 2 “Double Sided Visit Card”


To make a double side of cool business card we have to make a copy previous steps as shown on image below, after that  lock layer because it will be a basis for drawing.

Business card tutorials standard sizesTo make a double sided of business card locked layer

Step 3 “Create Cool Business Card”


Using Rectangle Tool  create two red rectangle with dimension 96×8 mm and move them to the edge of the black rectangle.

Create business card

Step 4 ” Type information’s”


Create your text using the type tool. You can adjust your text style with the character tool. If you have a logo to use, go to File > Place > and choose your logo from the available images. Choose all of your text and go to the Type > Create Outline, this step can change your type to be a vector. Don’t forget to align your text with others. Always use size 9 of font in order to fill the empty space and was visible for reading. And finally we finished our cool business card.

Text in business card

Step 5 “Create mockup”


How to create mockup for logo I explain in one of my previous article and it’s same for business card. How it will look depends of your choosing mockup.


Business Card Mockup

Video Tutorial