Pixelated Dispersion effect – Quick Photoshop Tutorial

dispersion effect photoshop tutorial

How to Make the Dispersion-Pixelated Effect in Adobe Photohop?

In this video tutorial you will learn how to create dispersion or pixelated effect in PS. As you can see on picture it’s look very complex but in process it’s very easy. Dispersion effect you can apply to different image but pay attention on background I advise you to be monocromatic. The main tool I will use in this tutorial are brushes you can download below. You can also find some others brushes to make sharp pixel or maybe smoke brushes etc.


This is photo before dispersion effect Cristiano Ronaldo in his own style.


Dispersion effect


Step 1 “Lasso Tool (L)”

When we import photo in PS make layer duplicate 2 times then  choose Lasso Tool (L) and select body of ronaldo click right key and choose Fill>Content Aware. With Lasso Tool we  make simply black layer background.


photoshop tutorials dispersion effects

Step 2 “Quick Slection Tool (W)”


Choose second copy layer background click on Quick Selection Tool (W) then select body of Ronaldo but don’t forget to Refine Edges after that go click right key and select Layer via Copy.  Duplicate Layer and add vector mask for both layer then select one layer and move it little right you can use Filter>Liqufy. Add vector mask for both layer but one layer mask using Paint Bucket Tool (G) paint to black color. Select Brush Tool (B) and make dispersion dragging around. You need to be sure which layer you choose and color. There are two layer and two color black and white.

Step 3 “Dispersion effect……………. I suggest you look at the video tutorial because it’s too easy to follow.

If you have any questions make it below I will answer as soon as possible. I will repeat once again you can use others brushes for pixelated effect like smoke, grid etc just search on google you will find lot of brushes. Use others tool which you use for your photos like Opacity to make incredibly dynamic photo. Tools aren’t limited.



  • Janit Risser

    awsome tutorial, i never even imagined this possible to do.