Filling type with your own photo textures – Illustrator tutorial

photo textures

Easy way to filling type with  your own photo textures in Adobe Illustrator

Hello creatives! Today I will show you how to put your own photo textures into the your name or your slogan. Illustrator is easy way to do it. This is very short tutorial to learn fast and keep in mind forever.  I will also provide you video tutorial on the end of this article.


Step 1 “type your name”

In first step you have to type your name or text which you want to appears like photo textures. After you do it select Draw Inside as shown on picture below (see red circle).


Filling type with your own photography - Illustrator tutorial



Step 2 “Place your photo”


Just go to File>Place and find photography you want to put into text. When you import photo move them around the text and put them on the right place. Your photo must be large resolution to looks great. To add Drop Shadow go to Effect>Stylize>Drop Shadow and make some cool effects.


place photography adobe illustrator


Video tutorial


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