How to make a book cover in photoshop – Tutorial

How to make a book cover in photoshop on most easy way?

Hello creatives! Today I will show you how create a book cover in Photoshop CC and learn lot of things, techniques in this tutorial. It’s always good to have a steady foundations and some basic principles for your graphic design work! Very good guidelines to ensure that your work has a sense of aesthetics and that you can express the message the clearly. If you have a little experience using Adobe Photoshop you will make awesome cover book no matter what topic. The good side of this tutorial is that when you learn this techniques you will able to participate on freelancer sites and earn some money.

Create New Document

Open Photoshop and create new document 12 x 8.5 in, Resolution 300 DPI, color CMYK.

book cover dimension 11 x 8.5


Use guidelines to make spine of book in the middle

Go to View -> Rulers and check it or press CTRL + R. Make a book spine by clicking on vertical Ruler and moving to right side 5.5 in and 6.5 in. The right side is the front cover, the left side is back cover and the area between two margin lines is spine of book.

Guidelines photoshop


How to make a book cover in Photoshop

Open the image you want to use in book cover and drag it to the tab for you divided book cover and place it on the front cover. Adjust its size accordingly dimensions on front cover, see screenshot below.

book cover tutorial in photoshop


Eyedropper tool

Select Eyedropper Tool (I) and pick a color from the  image that you, then select layer 1 and fill the color you chose. Go to layer section and create mask layer on the image. Select Brush Tool (B) Soft Mechanical brushes to clean it’s sharp edges so that merged with the background and apply this brushes once on the edges reduce its opacity and then apply it again.

Soft Mechanical brushes photoshop


Add the text on book cover and make rectangle with gradient effect on the back cover.

Use different fonts for the book title and the name of the author. After we add text and front cover complete select rectangle tool and draw rectangle the same size as the back cover of the book 5.5 x 8.5 in. Go to gradient options and apply radial gradient and change mode to multiply. Draw margins on all four sides at the back cover where each of them is at the distance a 0.5 in from the corners.

Book cover ih photoshop


Book Cover Mockup

If you want to make mockup for your book cover you need to find PSD mockup file for free. I my previous posts I wrote how to use and setup mockup for your artwork.  In featured image of this post you can see how it looks mockup for this book cover.


Easy video tutorial

Easy video tutorial how to make a book cover in photoshop on only few steps. Use video and text tutorial to improve your design skills.