How to make explosion effect in photoshop

explosion effect photoshop

Video tutorial how to create explosion effect in Photoshop

In this episode, you will learn how to create explosion effect with brushes. The main tools used in this tutorial are smoke brushes and image sparkle. Photoshop brushes are fantastic tool to create rich artwork without having to draw the single design elements. I will give you sample of brushes I used in this tutorial, you can download below.


Step 1 “Import photo and use brushes smoke effect”

In first step import the photo in Adobe Photoshop and select tool Brush Tool (B) choose smoke brush but don’t forget change color to orange like on photo below. Cover the part of the face when you drag smoke brushes.

smoke brushes in photoshop

Step 2 “Import sparkle”

In this section just import sparkle photo in new layer how can we edit in next steps. After we import sparkle go to Erase Tool (E)  erase edges of photo and change effect from Normal to Screen in layer section. If you want to change color of sparkle you can do it from Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation it’s important maybe someone want to make Helium, Neon, Krypton explosion effect in Photoshop depending on the color explosion.

sparkle effect photoshop

Step 3 “Arrange sparkle”

Before arrange sparkle duplicate layer of sparkle and drag to corner.

arrange sparkle photoshop

Step 4 “With Color Balance make explosion effect in photoshop “

To make balance of color go to Image>Adjustments>Color Balance and move Red color levels +100. As you can see on photo we get high reflection of the explosion.

high refection of the explosion


Step 5 “put heads up display “

In step 4 download heads up display pack brushes and put on the eye. Load Brushes after you download choose one of the best display brushes put somewhere on photo also choose Opacity 100 % in this case. Below you can see final artwork. If you have comments make it below if you like tutorial share to social network.

explosion effect photoshop