Learn how to make amazing Neon illustrator brushes

neon brushes

In the following tutorial I will explain how to create amazing Neon illustrator brushes. This work you can also use as mockup that appears on 99esay.com. You will have the opportunity to watch the video tutorial for each step.


Difficulty: Intermediate
Estimated Completion Time: 25 minutes
Number of Steps: 6


This tutorial was created with Illustrator CS6


Start your New Project


Create a New Project by going to File>New. Type a name Neon Brushes and choose size 1280×800.


Setap new project in illustrator


Step 1 “Create ellipse”


First, choose Ellipse Tool (L) click on artboard and draw ellipse  360×120 and fill with black color. When we create it select ellipse and go to Object>Transform>Scale and type 50 % and click Copy. Select second ellipse and change color from black to blue and again go to Object>Transform>Scale  and put the value of scale 20 % and change color from blue to white. Blue and white ellipse move a little to the left side as shown on screenshot. Make sure that all shapes aligned horizontally.

Create elipse in illustratorScale ellipse in illustrator


Step 3 “Create ellipse II”


We have to create another two ellipse as in the previous step with different size. First ellipse 680×40, second 300×20 and third 120×8. Don’t forget to aligned horizontally all shapes.


Scale ellipse in illustrator


Step 4 “Blend ellipse”


Select the three ellipse and go to Object>Blend>Blend Options and setup Specified Steps 50 and click OK. After we setup Blend Options go back to Object>Blend>Make. We have to make blend for other three ellipse and put together as shown on screenshot below.


Blend Options Blend ellipseStep 4 “Compose brushes”


In the step 4 we have to compose our brush as shown in the image. Select two blend mode and go to Transparency on the left side toolbar and choose Screen, make sure they are aligned horizontally. After you finish last step select Rectangle Tool (M) and make black rectangle into your artboard.


neon brushes



How to add new illustrator brushes


Step 1


When you create brushes select it and go to the brushes panel on the right side “look at the image bellow” and click New Brush.

Add new brushes

 Step 3


In step 3 choose Art Brush and click OK. Type uniquely name for your each brushes then open the Brush Library and Save it into the Brushes folder.

Add new brushes