Magnificent After Effect intro tutorial with lightning effect

First part of tutorial how to easy make Magnificent After Effect intro tutorial with lightning effect

Adobe after effects is awsome software to make magnificent intro video. The software offers large base fantastic effect like sparkl, mosaic etc. which will help you to make unique intro video. This articl is one of two which will present  how to create after effect intro tutorial. Don’t forget watch video tutorial for both parts.


Step 1 “Start Adobe After Effects”


In first step you have to create New composition 1280×720 px, frame rate 23.976 per second and duration must be between 6 and 10, because it’s standard duration video intro. Don’t forget to setup black background.

Create new composition for intro video

Step 2 “Create New Solid Layer”


In this section we need to create new Solid Layer go to Layer>New Solid. Type name Background and choose balck color. Go to Effects & Presets and find Advanced Lightning and drag it on Composition. Change Conductivity State 0.0, Glow Radius 1.0, Glow Opacity 0.0, Turbulence 10, Forkin 21 %, Decay 0.06 and Complexity 1. Select clock in Decay effect go to layer and move yellow point to 3 sec and change Decay procent. Watch video if you don’t understand. Select Background Layer go to Layer>Pre-Compose type name Grid Growth and choose Move all attributes.

aftere effects intro videoLightning after effects


Decay adobe after effects

Step 3 “Duplicate Layer”


Select layer Background change mode to Screen and duplicate layer CTRL+D. When we make duplicate layer drag around Coposition Screen but change Conductivity State and Scale on each layer. Type word S to change Scale procent.


Step 4 “Create Adjustments layer”


To Create adjustments layer go to Layer>New Adjustments Layer.  Go to Effects & Presets and type CC start Burst then put to adjustment layer. Set up Scatter 0.0, Speed 0.0 and Grid spacing 4 then change mode to Screen  as shown on image below .


Adjustm Layer adobe after effects

CC Start Brust after effectCc start Brust settings easy affter effects intro








Step 5 “Another adjustmet layer with mosaic effects”


We need to create another adjustment layer and add Find Edges and put on this adjustment layer. Go to Find Edges settings and check Invert. Another effect we have to add is Mosaic effect. In Mosaic effect settings we can also change horizontal and verical block  and don’t forget to set up mode to Screen.


New adjustman layer and Fine Edges

Step 6 “Adjustment layer with glow and color effects”


In this section we have to create new adjustment layer to adjust glow and color. Just find Glow and Curve in Effects & Presets then add to new layer. In Glow box change Glow Treshold to 60% and Glow Radius 52. Change the color according to your desire moving curve.


Step 7 “Render Queue”

To make Render go to Composition>Add to Render Queue. In Output Module Settings change to QuickTime and Format Options Video Codec: Photo – JPEG and click Render.

In the next after effect intro tutorial I will teach you how to put text animation.


after effect intro tutorial