How to make Photoshop photo manipulation


How to make Photoshop photo manipulation

Hello Creatives! Today I will show you how to create skull face effects in Adobe Photoshop. Also you can learn how to easy change the body from normal mode to movie style. You should understand that the settings in this are subjective to this image. Any other image might require slightly different settings. This tutorial will take you through step by step of creating unreal manipulation photo. You can follow this tutorial to make exact photo or tweak the steps with the content and colors you want to get the photo effects you’d like using the same methods.

Step 1 “Open the photo in Photoshop “

Open the photo in photoshop, then select another photo File > Place. For second photo change Opacity from 100% to 70 % and scale photo to make position as the first photo. Look at the screenshot below.


tutorial photoshop photo manipulation



Back Opacity to 100 %, then click right key on second photo and select Rasterize Layer. Make sure that eyes coincide with first photo.  After we all well done in Layer section Add Layer Mask, them select brushes but be sure to set black color and remove second photo. In the next step change color to white and back removed area.


manipulation photoshop tutorial



Step 2 “Photoshop photo manipulation”

Step 2 will show you how to change human body. Second step is same as previous the only change is the image. If you something understand you can see video tutorial below. For photoshop photo manipulation you can use more photos then one image. You can see cat eye on featured image of this article it has also created as a last step. Photo manipulations i one of the best things for creative designers and becomes very used for various unrealistic photo.



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