Make your own magazine cover Indesign

If you want to learn how to make your own magazine cover in Indesign this is the best tutorial to make it. Whether you beginners or advanced you will learn how to make magazine cover without  previous knowledge. You can also add your graphic works  Indesign such as logo design, photos, illustrations etc. This is simple example how to set up layout with photos and add text.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Estimated Completion Time: 45 minutes
Number of Steps: 9


Step 1 “Set up document to make your own magazine cover”


Open up Indesign and set up new document File>New>Document. When you get a pop up window as shown in the image below make sure that you check  Facing Pages and put your Page size in the inches 8.5 width 11 height it will automatic transform in pO and click OK. The layout is similar to Illustrator with the toolbar on the left, the palettes toggled on the right and various tools on the top.


Magazine cover set up document

Step 2 “Set up guidelines”


To make guidelines click cursor on ruler and drag on the paper. Guidelines help us to fix boundaries of text.


Use guidelines


Step 3 “Type title text”


Choose Type Tool (T) in the left side of  window and drag on the place where you want to put title.


magazin cover text

Step 4 “Import image to make own magazine cover”


Now we have to import image in Photoshop File>Open. If you want to practise this tutorial find similar photo on google.

import image


Step 5 “Crop images”


In step 5 we have to crop image using Crop Tool (C). Select Crop Tool (C) and choose dimension 8.5 in x 11 in then click right key and select Crop after that we need two copies to make two layers. Select layer one click right key and select Duplicate Layer.

Crop girl from image


Step 6 “Crop girl”


Choose Quick Selection Tool (W) and carefully select girl then click Refine Edge above image. In this section we have to fix hair selection dragging mouse close to hair.


selection tool

refine edges photoshop


Step 7 “Make Layer mask”


After we refine edges we have to make Layer mask. Select first layer  and choose Add Layer Mask as shown in image below. Now uncheck eye in second layer go to File>Save as>  save first.psd format then uncheck eye in first layer and save as second.psd format.

layer mask



Step 8 “Import file in Indesign”


Back Indesign go to File>Place second.psd layer then go again to File>Place first.psd layer and go to the Object>Arrange> Bring to Back. In the next tutorial I will show you how to add text at the cover magazine.


Make own magazine cover inDesign


I hope you enjoyed the introduction to InDesign.