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Photomanipulation bulb water

How to photomanipulation with bulb?

Hello creatives! In this tutorial you will see steps I took to design bulb water, rather water into the bulb then bulb water. For this imposing tutorial I have used photomanipulation techniques as main tool. Many of you are wondering how to put big elements into the small, with Photoshop everything is possible. I will give you idea how can you improve this tutorial. The effect is deceptively simple, and the dynamics of it are dizzyingly complex.

Here is examples for inspiration how can be unique:

  • Put fish into the bulb water.
  • Put an elephant into the bulb.
  • Fill with sand bulb, etc.
  • Put your girl into the bulb :), it’s a joke :D.  This also can be scare. Be careful!

Photomanipulation is one of the most favorite techniques in Photoshop in 2014. As you can see in this tutorial photomanipulation turs your photos in incredible artwork. If you strive to become creative designer you have to study this techniques. If you want to become advanced designers see my others tutorials and using them together. Below of this article I attach files you need to manipulate with this tutorial, also I embed video tutorial from my youtube channel where you can also find useful things. Video tutorial is most better way for beginners who have to wish to learn Adobe Photoshop, I saying this from experience. You’ll also get a chance to work on some practice exercises to reinforce everything you’ve learned.  Finally, you’ll apply your new skills to the main course project of developing a photo.


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 Video photomanipulation tutorials


Improved Photoshop Tutorial