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Make creative Photoshop drawing image

In this tutorial I really wanted to highlight the Photoshop drawing effect, obviously this is aimed more towards people who are creating photo manipulation images. Take a look at the final image it really goes to show you how make other half image as Photoshop drawing. For this short tutorial I will use basic tools as Add Layer Mask, Quick Selection Tool (W) and Brush Tool (B). You can see on the final image below that left side as drawing art made on paper and right side real image. As a lover of Photoshop manipulation I recommend you to experiment a little with Photoshop. I decided to record video tutorial how could I make it easy. If you have any question or something understand don’t hesitate to ask me below in comment section.

Photoshop Drawing - Photoshop Tutorials



Layers for this tutorial

I recommend you to find high res. image how could you easy using Quick Selection Tool (W) crop face, but you can also do it without Quick Selection Tool (W).

Layers Photoshop Tutorials


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