Skin texture in Photoshop

skin texture photoshop

Change skin texture in Photoshop

Hello designers! In this tutorial I will show you easy reliable method of masking out your body skin with texture. This is great tip for newbies and even intermediate users. Let’s start our tutorial! For this tutorial I will use land texture you can also find your own.

Step 1 “Open image”

Open image n Photoshop. I recommend you to use photos in large resolutions cause it’s important thing which will play an important role when we import texture. Type  in Google or Yahoo land texture or some others which you want to use for skin. Go to File>Place and find texture image you download from Google. Ensure that your texture cover all body parts, you can change opacity to make exact position.

Step 2 “Remove rest of texture”

When you find position for skin texture you have to Add Mask in Layer section then choose Brush Tool (B) and remove rest of skin texture in Photoshop.

Video tutorial how to change skin texture in Photoshop