Learn how to change hair color in photoshop?

How to change hair color in Photoshop

Learn How to easy changing hair color in photoshop?

Hello creatives! Have you ever asked yourself how to change hair color in photoshop, but without changing background? Today I going to show you one easy method by tinting and colorizing using hue/saturation. Once when we completed, we can always go back and change the hair color without having to redo all the work.

Step 1 “Open your photo in Photoshop and create new adjustment layer”

I recommend you to use the image in high resolution with good lighting to make better quality results. After we import image go to Layers section and select Create New Adjustment Layer > Hue/Saturation as you can see on screenshot below.

changing hair color photoshop

Step 2 “Change hair color in photoshop”

When the Hue/Saturation tool box appears in Photoshop window, drag the slider left or right depending on what color hair you want. Just focus on hair color and ignore all details image, we will improve them in the next step. Play around to achieve human “or maybe not :)” tone of hair color. If you make mistake with changing hair color in photoshop you can always go back and change it.

photoshop changing hair color


Step 3 “Clean up rest of the image”

In the step 3 we have to clean up all image except the hair area. When we finish with colorizing go to Layer section and select Add Layer Mask, then go to Brush Tool (B) and clean up rest of the image except the hair. Just move brush on the place you want to clean up.

color hair in photoshopChanging color hair in photoshop

Step 4 “Fine tone effects”

Changing blend mode from Normal to Darken or Color Burn, we can also improve color tonesColor blend mode give us more of colorizing effect from Normal mode when we use Hue/Saturation. On image below you can see changes lightness values of the hair in Color Burn mode. Another way to improve tone colorizing effect is by lowering the opacity of the adjustment layer.

color hair in photoshop

 Video Tutorial


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